Medical-Marijuana Supporters Plan Rally at Phoenix PD Headquarters on Wednesday at 5 p.m.

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Two supporters of Arizona's medical-marijuana law say they have dozens of people lined up to join them for a rally on Wednesday in front of Phoenix PD headquarters.

Rain Baker, who says she's a board member for the local office of NORML, (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), and medical-marijuana patient Ginger Wells tell New Times they'll be at the corner of 7th Avenue and Washington at 5 p.m.

Baker, also the head organizer for the Campaign Against Marijuana Prohibition, (a.k.a. CAMP 420), says the rally is intended to protest recent raids by Phoenix PD on compassion clubs that serve patients.

She cites the spring raid on Soccer Mom's Tinctures and a raid last week at WeGrow Hydroponics Supply Superstore in Phoenix as the motivation.

We'd heard about the Soccer Mom's raid. But when we called WeGrow today to find out what happened there, a guy who answers the phone confirms that a raid took place -- but says it was "unrelated to the store." Phoenix PD spokesman Sergeant Tommy Thompson, meanwhile, tells New Times he has no information about any raid at WeGrow.

No matter. There have been several other notable raids by Phoenix PD over the past few months, including one of Arizona Cannabis Society and 2811 Club, LLC.

"It's just happening so often, with no end in sight," says Baker. "It's harassment. They're trying to instill fear."

Baker and Wells say some of the potential protesters intend to wear green or perhaps costumes. We'll go out there tomorrow to check it out and take a few shots for the blog.

But the women say they don't encourage protesters to smoke their "medicine" outside the PD's lair, noting that the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act specifically prohibits smoking in public places.

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