Brandi Farnberg's not a bad lookin' woman. She's also an alleged car thief.
Brandi Farnberg's not a bad lookin' woman. She's also an alleged car thief.

Meet Brandi Farnberg -- the Hottest Alleged Car Thief in the Valley *UPDATED*

Sorry, gentlemen, according to her Facebook page, Brandi Farnberg, 23, is in a relationship. According to police, she's also an alleged car thief with aliases like "Sabrina Angelo," "Brandy Torres," and "Kacey Whitmore."

Farnberg was arrested early yesterday morning after she was stopped by police while driving a stolen car. Additionally, police found her in possession of stolen credit cards.

Farnberg was stopped at a red light at Broadway and Dobson roads about 1 a.m. yesterday when a cop pulled up behind her and ran the plates on the car she was driving.

The car, as we mentioned, turned out to be stolen.

After stopping the 23-year-old, the officer asked her to throw the keys to the vehicle out the window. One of the keys, the officer notes in his report, was a "jiggle key" often used by car thieves to start stolen vehicles.

Farnburg, after being read her Miranda rights, offered up an interesting yarn about how she ended up behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle.

According to Farnburg, she and a friend were at the Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe when the friend used the "jiggle key" to enter the vehicle. She, of course, claims she had no idea the car was stolen when her friend used a makeshift key to start it.

After driving around for about five minutes, she tells police, the friend got out of the car, leaving her sitting in a stolen vehicle.

Farnberg says she then planned to drive the car to her house -- but not before sending a text message to a friend asking if he could find her some license plates to put on the vehicle so if she were stopped by police they wouldn't know the car was stolen.

Then, she says, she planned on "dumping" the car.

As for the credit cards found in her purse, Farnsberg says another friend gave them to her -- she's only attempted to use one, though, and the other was just in case of an emergency.

Farnburg was booked on one count each of auto theft, burglary, driving with a suspended license, and theft.

*UPDATE* Turns out, Farnberg's not an alleged car thief, she's just a car thief -- have a look at her Arizona Department of Corrections file here.

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