Meet Nick: Republicans Shill Plush Toys in Desperate Push for Donations

Times are tough for Republicans, (nationally, anyway).

While the Web site for the Democratic National Committee Democrats offers contributors nothing but a T-shirt in return for a donation, the Republicans have a whole online store dedicated to overpriced, tax-deductible gifts for supporters.

We recently received an e-mail (reprinted below) from one Sue Gazdo, director of membership services for the Republican National Committee, trying to find buyers for Nick, this huggable bundle of compassionate conservatism. It seems the sale of teddy bears is exactly what's needed to "provide the resources Republicans need to block the Obama Democrats' left-wing agenda."

Even some Republicans are viewing this one cynically. 

Gazdo's e-mail follows:

Dear Republican,

As a top supporter of the RNC, I am offering you a special opportunity to help support our Party and give a gift to your favorite Republicans this Holiday Season.

Just in time to complete your Christmas wish list, meet Nick, the newest member of the Republican National Committee.

Nick is a wonderful plush toy available for a limited time to our most loyal supporters like you.  Embroidered with the official logo of the RNC, and wearing a Santa cap and scarf, Nick will make a great stocking stuffer or gift for those special Republicans in your life -- and is sure to be snapped up quickly.

Republican, we'll send you Nick today with your special contribution of at least $35.

Your contribution will immediately be put to work.  The RNC is leading our Party's charge to rebuild from the grassroots up and provide the resources Republicans need to block the Obama Democrats' left-wing agenda.

And for a very limited time, you can still get all six Republican collectibles -- Nick, Max, Maxine, Patrick, Victor and Sam -- with your special contribution of $150 to the RNC.  Click here to order today.

I hope you will take advantage of this special offer.  Thank you for your continuing commitment to our Party and our cause.  Happy Holidays!

Sue Gazdo
Director, RNC Membership Services

-- Ray Stern

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