Meghan McCain Says Her Father's "Coming Along" on Gay Marriage; J.D. Hayworth's Gotta Love That

In the early days of what's gearing up to be a tough primary battle for U.S. Senator John McCain -- where he will need to appeal to some of Arizona's most staunch, anti-gay marriage conservatives -- he may want to tell his daughter to put a sock in it.

Meghan McCain gave a speech at the University of Florida last night, where she said the anti-gay-marriage senator's "coming along" on the issue.

"He's 73 years old. It's difficult," she told the audience. "I keep telling people 'You continue putting pressure on President Obama, and I'll continue putting pressure on my father.'"

Last week, Meghan coaxed her mother, Cindy, into posing for pro-gay marriage campaign pictures. Check them out here.

The photos were used in an ad campaign against California's Prop 8, which says the state can only recognize marriage between a man and a woman, a measure McCain supports.

McCain's probable opponent in the GOP primary, right-wing radio host and former Congressman J.D. Hayworth, is toeing the line that McCain isn't conservative enough to represent the people of Arizona.

So news that McCain's warming up to a liberal ideology, like gay marriage, must be music to Hayworth's ears.   

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