Mesa Burglary Foiled After Suspect Gets Stuck in Clothes Hamper

Police say a man broke into a Mesa apartment Thursday morning, only to have his burglary plan hampered by getting caught in a clothes hamper.

Mesa police Detective Mike Melendez tells New Times that a 45-year-old man was in the bathroom of his apartment, on the 300 block of North Alma School Road, when he heard noise coming from his bedroom.

The man grabbed a broom as his defense and went to his bedroom, where he found 20-year-old Michael Trias tangled in his clothes hamper, which Melendez says was made from PVC and netting.

According to court documents, Trias had apparently just jumped through the bedroom window when he fell straight into the hamper and couldn't get out, ending a very short-lived burglary attempt.

The resident of the home helped Trias untangle himself from the hamper, and walked him outside while they waited for police.

In the process of the shoddy burglary attempt, Trias is also accused of breaking $100 worth of the guy's stuff, including a window screen, blinds, and of course, the clothes hamper.

Trias faces charges of second-degree burglary and criminal damage.

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Matthew Hendley
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