Mesa Man Convicted of Gruesome/Fatal/Video Recorded Hit and Run is Going to Jail -- For a Year

A man convicted of fatally running down a Mesa bicyclist in Tempe last summer has been sentenced to a year in jail, and three years probation, after pleading guilty to charges that he left the scene of a fatal accident.

Cody Ryan Davis, 23, was arrested last July at his home in Mesa after police say he was the man behind the wheel of the car that hit and killed 32-year-old Jason Scott. Davis then drove off as though nothing happened.

Police released a video of the crash -- it's pretty brutal; the dude just gets crushed -- which you can see after the jump.

Tempe police had been looking for the suspect's vehicle, a gold or beige 2002-2007 Ford Taurus or Mercury Sable that may have had a missing passenger-side mirror and may have had damage to the front passenger side.

Cops checked auto repair shops, restaurants, and other businesses in the surrounding area looking for the car.

Several tips were called in, one of which led police to Davis.

Davis, police say, made admissions regarding the crash.

Because Davis was arrested a week after the incident, determining whether he was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash was difficult, police told New Times at the time.

See the video of Davis running down Scott -- and then just driving off -- below.

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