Mesa Mom Arrested for Neglect; Cops Found Weed Under Baby's Bassinet

We've heard of some stupid places to stash weed but a Mesa mom's stash spot might be the dumbest. She hid it under her baby's bassinet.

Not only is there the dangerous risk that the baby gets into the weed and possibly ingests some, but if cops find weed hidden near anything baby-related a simple possession charge can get a hell-of-a-lot more serious.

Melissa Williams, 27, is learning this lesson the hard way.

Police say Williams left her 8-month-old infant home alone when she drove her boyfriend to work last week.

Williams was stopped by police around 9 p.m. Friday for driving with a broken windshield. Williams, who was driving on a suspended license, also smelled like weed.

Cops found weed in the car, which could have been the extent of Williams' troubles, but she apparently tried to score some sympathy points and told the officer she had a baby at home.

Not a great move if the baby's home alone and your weed stash is located directly underneath the child.

Cops went to Williams' house, where they found the baby sleeping. They also found the bag of weed Williams allegedly had stashed under the infant's bassinet.

Williams was arrested on suspicion of neglect and marijuana possession. The baby was turned over to Child Protective Services.

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