Mesa Officials Head to the Windy City in Bid to Save Chicago Cubs Spring Training

Officials from the city of Mesa will be in Chicago tomorrow to continue trying to woo Chicago Cubs owners into keeping the team's spring training facility in Mesa.

Mesa officials will be asking the Cubbies to pick out one or two potential sites for a new stadium so they can start talking to landowners and draft a more formal plan, they tell Chicago's ABC affiliate.

The Cubs say their current facilities, Fitch Park and Hohokam Park, are out of date, and they want something more modern.

Mesa considered renovating the current facilities, including adding a $750,000 batting cage facility. That plan, it seems, is not enough for the cursed Cubs, who haven't won a World Series in more than a century.

That may be because the Cubs have options.

Investors in Florida have been holding meetings with Cubs management in a bid to get the team to relocate to Naples.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist has even joined the fight to bring the lovable losers to his state, telling the Associated Press, "We like palm trees better than cactus, and hope that the Cubs might, too."

As stated in prior posts: Back off Charlie -- we got palm trees, too.

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