Mesa Student Tries to Steal Laptop From School -- Not to Mention, He's on Probation, Has Outstanding Warrants, and Was Found With Weed Pipe

A Mesa high school could have been short one laptop after it was discovered a student at the school tried to steal it right out of a classroom -- in the middle of the school day.

Currently on probation, 19-year-old Ismael Pesqueira was arrested yesterday after school officials at Career High School in Mesa discovered that he tried to steal a laptop by sticking it in a friends backpack.

The laptop is worth about $900.

School officials called police and Pesqueira was taken into custody.

During his arrest, police learned that not only was Pesqueira on probation, but he also had several outstanding warrants out for his arrest.

The warrants, Mesa police say, were for drug related charges and hindering prosecution.

And now the kicker: when Pesqueira was arrested, police found a pipe they say was used for smoking weed.

Pesqueira was booked for theft and the outstanding warrants.

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