Mesa Woman Arrested After Roadside Strip Tease; Found in Possession of "Spice" and BB Gun

A Mesa woman was arrested Sunday after flashing some skin at passing motorists, all while aiming a gun at them -- and she wasn't even on meth.

Rather, when police arrested 52-year-old Deborah Kay Jones, she was in possession of "Spice," a synthetic form of marijuana.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, about 3 p.m. Sunday, police were dispatched to the overpass of the 202 freeway at McKellips Road in Mesa in response to reports of a woman walking up and down the street pointing a gun at passing cars.

As a result, officers were forced to shut down the road.

At one point, the woman, later identified as Jones, pulled off the shirt she was wearing and put on a different shirt. She was wearing no bra, the arresting officer was sure to note in the arrest report.

Officers were then able to take Jones into custody without too much incident -- she was verbally abusive to officers and paramedics, and was "screaming and swearing nonstop," according to the report.

The gun, police discovered, was actually just a BB gun. Additionally, police found a glass pipe and a container of "Spice" in Jones' possession.

She was booked on one count each of disorderly conduct with a weapon and indecent exposure.

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