Meth-Head Shows Up to Court Date, but Tries to Bring Bag of Meth and Pipe into Court

Meth-heads and other drug addicts are notorious for not showing up to court dates.

Bucking that trend is 27-year-old Fredrick Perez, who actually showed up to the Agua Fria Justice Court in Tolleson to take care of a warrant out for his arrest. Problem is, Perez showed up to court with a bag of meth and a pipe, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

Perez, who clearly had been to a courtroom before -- considering his prior arrests for theft, auto theft, burglary, possession of burglary tools, possession of drug paraphernalia, trespassing, and driving on a suspended license -- should know that you can't really go anywhere in a courthouse without getting past security first.

In a search of his girlfriend's purse, security found a meth pipe, and Perez claimed ownership of it, according to the documents.

Police arrested Perez for that, in addition to the two warrants he had for his arrest -- one for driving on a suspended license and one for failing to show up at the related court date.

While booking Perez into jail, police pulled a small plastic bag out of his pants pocket, a bag that was "consistent" with those used to carry drugs, according to court documents.

The bag was empty, but police then emptied out his other pants pocket, and found a bag with meth still in it.

Perez told police and jail guards that it was a "$10 rock of meth."

Perez said he'd smoked meth that morning, although he claimed he smokes meth only every other day. Perez told police he's been smoking meth since he was 13, according to the documents.

Perez, who lives in Yuma, was booked into jail on a pair of felony drug charges.

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