Mexican Man Crosses Border Face-Down in Pile of Chili Peppers, With Only a Bottle of Tequila

Today in Found at the Border: Officers at the U.S./Mexico border busted one of the more unusual border-crossing attempts in recent memory yesterday.

According to Customs and Border Protection, a 35-year-old Mexican man jumped into a large shipment of chili peppers, and went-face down into the peppers in his attempt to get into the country.

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According to CBP, the man -- who was crossing the border through a port in New Mexico -- was hoping to make it to Chicago once making it into the country.

For this trip, he just brought a bottle of tequila with him, and "appeared to be highly intoxicated" when agriculture inspectors checked out the load, and found the man.

The man made it about 100 yards into the country before being caught, and was promptly returned to Mexico, according to CBP.

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