Mexicans Work More Than You -- and Everyone Else in the World, Report Shows

Leave it to facts and statistics to blow holes in stereotypes that have been widely accepted by racists everywhere.

According to a recent report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Mexicans work more than anyone else on the face of the Earth. As a friend asked, "even the Japanese?" Yes, Mexicans even work more than the Japanese.

The report looked at the daily labor habits of citizens in 29 industrialized countries and found that, on average, Mexicans spend more time "working" than anyone else on the planet. Work, however, is somewhat loosely defined. For example, according to the study, shopping is considered "work."

Other examples of "work" include cooking, cleaning, and other domestic activities that Scottsdale housewives often hire Mexicans to do.

Even so, Mexicans still put in more hours at their paid jobs than everyone in the world except the Japanese.

The study separated the amount of time people spend doing paid work from time they spend doing things that would more be considered chores and found that Mexicans are doing paid labor about six hours a day on average, which is slightly less than the Japanese who do about 6.5 hours of paid work everyday.

By comparison, Americans do less than five hours of paid work per day, and a total of about eight hours of work when you include chores. The total for Mexicans is about 10 hours of work a day.

So who's the laziest? Belgians.

According to the study, Belgians only do about seven hours of both paid and unpaid work per day, which raises the question: where do you sign up to become Belgian?

See the full report here.

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