Michael White, Ex-High School Social Worker, Accused of Sexually Assaulting Foster Son

A former social worker at Tolleson High School -- and current youth worker with the City of Tolleson -- is accused of sexually assaulting his 23-year-old foster son as recently as last week.

Michael David White, 49, became the man's foster father when the alleged victim was 16, although the man had been around White since he was 11, since his cousin was living with White.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, White had allegedly assaulted the man for quite some time, but he didn't report it when he was younger because White gave him food and shelter.

The man went to Tempe police on Saturday -- the two now live in Tempe -- reporting that he'd been sexually assaulted by White earlier that evening.

He also told the cops about another incident in March, as well as older incidents that allegedly occurred when the two lived in Goodyear.

The man said he woke up one morning in March, and discovered White was performing oral sex on him. According to the documents, "he reacted by freezing due to being in shock of what he observed."

They didn't talk for about a month, until White sent him an email apologizing -- which the alleged victim has since turned over to the cops, according to the documents.

On Saturday morning, the man told police, he woke up as White was attempting to penetrate him, and said White continued the attack, the documents say.

The man told police he and White never had a consensual relationship, and court documents say the alleged victim's medical injuries were consistent with his account of what happened Saturday morning.

He told police that he started spending summers with White -- who was working as a social worker with Tolleson High School at the time -- when he was 11 years old. The man said White started to perform "massages" on him while he was fully naked, according to the documents.

"[The victim] stated that he remained quiet about the incidents due to receiving food and shelter from White," the documents state.

According to the documents, White "made factual statements as to his role in the crimes" during a 44-minute confrontational call between the two on Tuesday.

Police say White apologized for the incident on Saturday, and also apologized for the one March.

White said he "needed to seek counseling," according to the documents, and added that he started giving the man massages when he was 16 or 17.

White said he "may have touched [the victim's] private area during that time," the documents state.

According to the Tempe Police, at the time of White's arrest, he was employed by the City of Tolleson's Community Services Department, where he worked with kids and the elderly.

White's being held in jail without bond on two counts of sexual assault, and one count of sexual conduct with a minor.

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