Michele Bachmann: "America's Failure to Secure the Border is Now a Terrorism Issue"

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was in Phoenix this morning, where she met with local politicos at the State Capitol to talk about illegal immigration and, to quote Senator John McCain, completing "the dang fence."

Aside from blowing a few kisses at the asses of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, Bachmann told reporters that the lack of a border fence is no longer just an immigration issue, it's a terrorism issue.

"[The United States] had an extraordinary week with threats of terrorism. We saw that there was an international assassination plot between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and they were bringing in the usefulness of those dealing with cartels below our southern border," Bachmann says.
"This is an international terrorism issue. We know that 59,000 [people] other than Mexicans have come across America's borders. Those include from states sponsoring terror. That would be the state of Syria...this is a very real issue. It is a national-security issue."

Bachmann, after meeting with Pearce, Congressman Trent Franks, state Senator Steve Smith, and Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever, says one of the keys to securing the border is building the fence.

Last week, Herman Cain, one of Bachmann's opponents in the GOP presidential primary, joked that he planned to build a 20-foot electrified fence to keep illegal immigrants from coming into the United States from Mexico.

According to Bachmann, building the fence is no joke.

"This is no laughing matter, the border fence," she says. "We've seen jokes made by presidential candidates about the fence. It is not a joke. This is a real issue -- it's a serious issue."

Just like when she puckered up for Arpaio last month, Bachmann stressed the importance of getting rid of the "magnets" that attract illegal immigrants to the United States.

"It is a magnet for the United States to offer free medical care. It is a magnet when the United States offers free education assistance. It is a magnet when, for instance, under ObamaCare, services are offered [to illegal immigrants], even though there's language [in the law] that says health benefits will not be offered [to illegal immigrants] under ObamaCare," Bachmann rambles.

"There's a prohibition from asking the legal status of those who come to utilize ObamaCare. While every American citizen will be forced to pay for ObamaCare, illegal aliens will not be paying for ObamaCare...it is time to stop the financial magnets for illegal aliens."

According to Bachmann, illegal immigration costs every household of U.S. citizens $1,000 a year.

The congresswoman also weighed in on SB 1070, Arizona's controversial immigration law credited largely to Pearce.

"I back the law that Senator Russell Pearce has introduced here in Arizona," Bachmann says. "I don't dis this law, I thank this law."

Although he wasn't there, Bachmann gave Arpaio a little love as she continues to try and woo him into endorsing her candidacy.

"[Arpaio] has been an example of local law enforcement that has actually enforced the laws that are on the books, and I want to encourage other sheriffs, like Sheriff Dever [to do the same]," she says.

Bachmann's presence in Phoenix, of course, was met by protesters, most of whom identified themselves as "99-Percenters," the same group that "occupied" Phoenix over the weekend.

Those heckling Bachmann this morning were about as credible as the "occupiers" who demonstrated in Phoenix on Saturday. See our take on the "Occupy Phoenix" demonstrations here.

"You're a hooker for hate," one demonstrator screeched through a megaphone as Bachmann walked to her SUV.

"Republicans represent the one-percent," she continued.

As Bachmann's vehicle left the Capitol, another protester sprinted after her SUV while carrying a sign and screaming "fuck you, bitch. Get out of here."

We'll be seeing presidential candidate Cain this afternoon as he, like Bachmann before him, gives Arpaio's ass a little smooch with the hopes that America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff" will endorse his candidacy. Check back later for that story.

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