Michele Bachmann's Coming to Town; Just When You Thought Arizona Was at Its Capacity for Nutty Politicians

Arizona's just about overflowing with wacky politicos: Governor Jan Brewer, Senate President Russell Pearce, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, maybe Sarah Palin, and many, many others. But it apparently ain't a party until Tea Party overlord Michele Bachmann shows up.

The Arizona Republican Party made the announcement that the Minnesota congresswoman will be making an appearance at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort on April 2 with her date, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

It's a pairing that creates a moment reminiscent of the double rainbow guy as you say to yourself, "What does it mean?"

City Pages -- the Minneapolis sister paper of New Times -- has an idea.

"With Bachmann plainly gearing up for a run for the presidency, maybe she's feeling out Sheriff Joe as a potential running mate. It would make quite a ticket. At the very least, she might consider him to head up the FBI or the Department of Homeland Security or something."

As Bachmann and Sheriff Joe share the stage, they're probably only a couple of horsemen short of signaling an apocalypse, but Bachmann does fit right in with Arizona's conservative political crowd.

The Tea Party queen, dubbed "the next Sarah Palin" by the New York Times and "wingnut of the year" by CNN should feel right at home in Arizona.

We're gettin' a state gun, the legislature is working on ways to stop abortions that don't exist, and we just won't let go of "birther bills."

So the Arizona GOP wants you to pony up $250 bucks to be a VIP at the event, and get a taste of that Bachmann nuttiness everyone's been talking about.

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Matthew Hendley
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