Mike Stauffer-Supporter DeeDee Blase's Sick, Twisted Lies

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I doubt I'm the first person to suggest that Scottsdale blogger/activist DeeDee Blase, a major supporter of Independent sheriff's candidate Mike Stauffer, is mentally troubled, but the sick and increasingly sadomasochistic imagery she has been using on her "Tequila Party" Facebook page and on her Tucson Citizen blog is disturbing, to say the least.

Those not familiar with the 2003 incident between Democratic sheriff's candidate Paul Penzone and his ex-wife, should consult my original July 5 column on the subject, from which are linked the reports detailing the matter from the Glendale Police Department.

Most rational individuals will find a wide disparity between the incendiary images Blase puts forth and the actual altercation.

One image from her Tequila Party Facebook page features a close-up of a woman with a man's hand over her mouth, her green eyes wide and frightened, and slogans stating that "Penzone supporters" want "women to be silenced" because they are standing up against domestic violence.

"This is why we support Mike Stauffer for sheriff," Blase writes in her caption. "He wasn't the one who beat the shit outta his wife."

Neither was Penzone. The police report describes nothing of the sort. Even if you ignore the fact Penzone reported the incident, and his account of what happened, no one alleges Penzone "beat the shit outta his wife," as Blase suggests.

This isn't the only image of a woman being grabbed in this manner. There's another stock image of what looks like a naked woman being suffocated by a male's hands. Here, Blase refers to Penzone as an "alleged wife beater" and states in her caption that he has "a domestic violence background."

These are both highly inaccurate statements. Read the report. Penzone is not alleged to have "beat" his ex-wife Susan. Penzone's then-estranged wife alleged Penzone pushed her and that she hit her head on a door as a result. Penzone alleges she hit him with a hockey stick.

According to the police report, each individual sustained a minor injury. The Glendale City Attorney declined to prosecute, and dueling orders of protection were dismissed by a judge. When their divorce was finalized, both Susan and Paul shared custody of their son.

And yet, Blase offers up yet another violent image of a man holding a belt, ready to thrash a cowering woman. Was Penzone alleged to have threatened his ex-wife with a belt or to have stuck her with a belt? No.

Does Penzone have a "domestic violence history and record" as Blase writes in her caption to the belt-wielder? No. There is no evidence in the public record of any other incident like this involving Paul Penzone, and again, the Glendale City Attorney did not prosecute either Penzone or his then wife.

On both her blog and her FB page, Blase posts a stock image of a woman with a black eye, and yet Penzone is not accused of punching his wife. The image is vile and dishonest.

The Tucson Citizen, once an actual newspaper, is now simply a website maintained by Gannett. It has two staffers, one of them being the editor, Mark Evans.

Evans told me that the bloggers are responsible for what they write and that they are given great latitude in this regard, unless what they write is obviously libelous.

I mentioned that Blase is essentially an unpaid campaign operative of the Stauffer camp. Evans said if such a link was verified, a disclaimer might be posted to Blase's future screeds.

The Citizen has dismissed bloggers in the past. So far, Evans says, there have been no complaints about Blase's work.

Blase's lies about Penzone have some impact mainly because the Tucson Citizen is a well-trafficked web site, and because some people still associate it with an actual newspaper.

It is not my place to submit a complaint to Evans. That is the job of the public and of the Penzone campaign. Those wishing to do so can contact one of the individuals below:

Mark B. Evans Site Administator/Editor 520-573-4614 mevans@tucsoncitizen.com

Anthony Gimino Assistant Site Administrator, Sports Editor 520-248-3896 agimino@tucsoncitizen.com

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.