Mike Tyson Scuffles With Photog; Then, They Get Each Other Arrested

One month to the day after telling Oprah he was done using violence to resolve his "issues," Iron Mike Tyson seems to be at it again.

While standing at a ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday, Mike Tyson is reported to have gotten into a scuffle with a photographer.

Airport police Sergeant Jim Holcolmb tells CNN that Tyson was standing at a United Airlines ticket counter, when the photographer approached and started taking his picture.

The three-time heavyweight champ apparently didn't like that and socked him in the face.

That was enough to send the overzealous photog to the floor, where he hit his head and started bleeding (even Peter McNeely lasted longer against Tyson than this guy). The paparazzo is then said to have gotten up and scampered off, leaving a trail of blood along the floor of the airport.

An unidentified law enforcement official tells the LA Times that Tyson claims the photographer struck him first, in an attempt to provoke him.

After the incident, both Tyson and the photographer filed citizen's arrest complaints on each other, and were both arrested.

Tyson was booked on suspicion of misdemeanor battery and -- after he was treated for his injuries -- the photog was booked on similar charges.

This incident comes one month to the day of Tyson going on Oprah to discuss the tragic death of his daughter at his Scottsdale home.

Tyson wept to Oprah, saying his family had given him the "tools in his life" that he needed to resolve conflicts without violence. 

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