Miles the Puppy Healing After Alleged Sledgehammering From Owner; Rescue Group Says Euthanasia Was Considered

Miles the pit bull puppy -- whose owner is accused of bragging about using a 16-pound sledgehammer to break his legs -- is looking like he's going to make it, although the rescue group caring for him says "euthanasia was considered" when the puppy was brought in.

Miles may even get to keep his legs, although the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office said it was likely one of his legs was likely to be amputated while announcing the arrest of his owner, Lyman Morkunas.

Whether the sledgehammer aspect is true remains to be seen, but Morkunas was jailed on a felony animal-abuse charge for failing to seek medical attention for the puppy, which was brought to a vet last week with two "severely broken legs."

Aside from the pup's two broken legs, it also had multiple puncture wounds and a major infection due to the lack of medical treatment, according to MCSO.

According to the rescue group, the Panacea Animal Wellness Sanctuary (PAWS), Morkunas "attempted to repair the lacerations with a needle and thread and GLUE (imagine that pain -- not to mention that they were not sterile, of course, and creating more infection)."

"Miles was in such bad shape when he was brought to the animal hospital that after the initial examination, euthanasia was considered," PAWS says. "During the course of the examination, the attending doctor and technicians decided to give him a chance and contacted us at PAWS to see if we would take him under our wings."

Like the Sheriff's Office said -- and a purported vet in our comment section who took a look at the x-ray -- there were some serious and severe fractures in the puppy's legs.

One leg was put into a splint, and PAWS says it's going to heal in the next few weeks.

The other leg, which had multiple fractures, and the "elbow was in pieces and sticking out of the skin," is a little tougher.

PAWS says the wound around the elbow has healed, but the fractures can't be healed with a splint alone, requiring specialized surgery to save the leg.

PAWS was soliciting donations for the surgery -- estimated to be between $3,000 and $5,000 -- although the group reached its fundraising goal and is scheduling Miles for surgery.

Donations can still be made to PAWS through its website.

Other than that, PAWS says Miles is doing well, and his surface wounds have healed.

"Miles is striving in his foster home, where he lives with two Chihuahuas, a Bichon and several other pit bulls and cats," the group says. "Miles is now the happiest little camper and will hopefully be available for adoption soon."

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