Missing California Dog Found Near 35th Ave and I-10 ... In Phoenix

Missing California Dog Found Near 35th Ave and I-10 ... In Phoenix

When Pamela Ekizian was a little tardy in walking her dog Max, the pooch took it upon himself to break out of the house, and take a stroll around their neighborhood near Fresno, California.

He didn't stop there.

Four months later, Max, a one-year-old, long-haired Dachsund, was found in Phoenix, some 588 miles away from his Fresno home, and Ekizian was shocked to say the least.

Ekizian says that Max has escaped several times in the past, which prompted the animal shelter that picked him up to insert a microchip with her contact information into the dog.

"He is an escape artist," Ekizian tells KTAR (92.3 FM). "This last time he had chewed through my blinds and chewed through my screen window and jumped out."

Max was found last week wandering around near 35th Avenue and Interstate 10, and taken to the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.

Staff members found the dog's tracking microchip, and discovered that he belonged to Ekizian, who lives about 600 miles away.

After traveling further than a lot of people go in their entire lives, Max was given the "Traveled the Furthest" award from MCACC.

"He looks great," Ekizian says. "His hair is a little shorter, but he's in perfect condition."

Is she kidding? Her dog ran away, was found 600 miles away, and she's worried about what he looks like?

Here's a question we might ask if we lost a dog in California, and he was found wandering around near I-10: How the hell did our dog end up in Phoenix?! Just a thought. 


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