Missing New Mexico Couple Lived in Car For Five Days to Avoid Eastern Arizona Storms; Wife Found Dead

A missing New Mexico couple -- last seen in Chandler last week -- lived in their car for five days to avoid storms that pounded eastern Arizona over the weekend after they got lost in a remote area east of Globe

Chandler Detective Seth Tyler says Dana Davis, 86, and his wife, Elizabeth Davis, 82, were found this morning by an Arizona Game & Fish Department officer.

Dana Davis was found walking down a forest road. Elizabeth Davis was found dead near the couple's vehicle.

After getting rescued, Dana Davis told authorities he and his wife
left Globe on Thursday with the intent on traveling on the US 60 to Socorro, New Mexico, where they planned to visit the Bosque Del Apache wildlife refuge.

The couple inadvertently ended up on the US 70. After looking at a map, the Davises located a forest road that would hook them up with US 60. 

About 10 miles down the forest road the couple's car became disabled. Simultaneously,
two winter storms hit the southwest, bringing snow, and freezing temperatures to the area where the Davises found themselves stranded.

The couple survived by staying
in their vehicle until Tuesday, when it ran out of gas, Dana Davis later told police.

The Davises then decided to try and hike back to a main road. Elizabeth, however, collapsed and died shortly into the hike. After trying to revive her, Dana Davis kept walking until he was found this morning.

Dana Davis is recovering at a Globe hospital. The exact cause of Elizabeth Davis' death won't be known until the county medical examiner conducts an autopsy.

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