Missing Tucson Girl Found in Texas With Utah Man Who's Apparently Way Into Shirtless Dudes

The Tucson girl reported missing Monday has been found alive and well in Texas with a 19-year-old Utah man -- who apparently has an obsession with shirtless dudes -- whom she met online.

Ashley Kingsbury, 14, was found in Galveston, Texas, this morning with 19-year-old Jordan Anthony after a bank teller recognized the two from media reports of the girl's disappearance.

According to police, the two met on Facebook and had been communicating online for nearly a year before they decided to run off together.

According to Jordan's Facebook page, the 19-year-old works for ADT Security Services in Provo,Utah, is listed as "in a relationship," and has a bizarre fascination with posting pictures of shirtless dudes. Check it out here.

The girl's family disputes claims that Kingsbury left home to meet Jordan. The family set up a Facebook page to help find the girl earlier this week, on which it posted the following:

Ashley was found-FACT

Albert, and Carrie flew in to get her-FACT
Obviously Ashley will be questioned-Common Sense
Ashley left her home to meet Jordan-FALSE
My brother, and Carrie knew about the "relationship"-FALSE
Jordan in in jail-FACT
Jordan is in the harshest state for messing with a minor. I am proud to be from TEXAS

Both Jordan and Kingsbury are in police custody. Charges against Jordan are pending, police say. Check back for updates.

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