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Mistaken identity at the Psychic TV show at the Rogue last night...

This would almost be funny if the poor guy hadn't been freaked out by it. I got to the show late last night, as I was on deadline for my column till 11. I did get to hang out with the band afterwards, and interview Genesis P-Orridge. We all watched...
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This would almost be funny if the poor guy hadn't been freaked out by it. I got to the show late last night, as I was on deadline for my column till 11. I did get to hang out with the band afterwards, and interview Genesis P-Orridge. We all watched the lunar eclipse together outside their tour bus. I have pics and will post them later with the interview.

This morning I got a post from Michelle Delgina on the blog where she stated, "I casully introduced myself- apparently if that was you you were not brave enough to even admit your own identity."

I asked her to tell me what color my shirt was last night, if we met. Believe me, I'm not afraid of anyone, though I probably should be. I mean, I've gone to places where people wanted to kick my ass. This was not one of those situations. If the trans folk wanna meet me, I've told them before that this is the easiest thing in the world, and have posted my office phone #. I will do so again, here: 602-229-8426. (Scaredy-cat me, I'm still waiting by the phone, trembling.)

BTW, regarding what's said below, Stephen Lemons is my birth name.

Anyhoo, they at least owe this Michael guy an apology. What idiots!

to all concerned party's hello my name is Michael H. last night I left my work to see a band named Psychic TV and arrived at Anderson's 5th ave in Scottsdale AZ. to see that the venue had been changed to the Rouge bar in Tempe. well I thought nothing of this and made my way south to the bar. upon arriving about 9:30 I bought a wristband and asked when Genesis P-Orrage and phychic TV were going on and I was told 11 and went back to work for another hour before the show (I work at night). about an hour passes and I park my car across the street and walk up to the front door of the rouge bar and pass by a couple of groups of people smoking and someone says in my direction "well hello Stephen aren't you going to say hello to us?" and I turn around and say to a group looking straight at me "I'm sorry my names not Stephen" and walk away puzzled but thinking nothing of it. I go inside and grab a coca cola and make my way to the back of the bar by the door to get a look at everything that's going on and see how the stage is set up. about a minute goes by and two people come and stand next to me GLARING straight through me. I slowly turned their way and ask politely "can I help you" and the female closest to me says "Hello Stephen lemons" and I say I'm sorry my names Michael not Stephen and I put my hand out and we shake hands my names Michele she says. again she asks if I'm Stephen and i say no I'm sorry thinking I must look like a former friend and ask "who is this guy, Stephen lemons" and she tells me "He's a journalist who is spreading lies and hatred about the trans gender community." WHOA WHOA WHOA that is not me" as I get out my ID to show her who I am" and she just says "well it sure looks like your ugly mug from the picture you use you probably use a pseudonym any way." Wow did some Woman (yeah I figured out they were trans gender by then) just insult me for no reason and make me feel unsafe in a club that I payed $15 to see a legendary band that Ive been listening to for 23 years. why yes that just happened. I make my way over to the merchandise table to check out what they have and see a stack of 3 sheets of paper stapled together and take one. I start to read it and Another tyranny comes up and tells me what a great paper it is and really I still have no idea whats going on but I'm now feeling unsafe because of some unknown thing people now think I must be part of and put the paper in my back pocket. now I'm no stranger to getting your freak on but why am I suddenly attracting attention. NEGATIVE ATTENTION. I have no idea. I feel Unsafe. I make my way back to the pool table and bar area and sit there with the bar staff close to me just in case...something were to happen. sitting there contemplating who this lemons guy was just confused me, does he write for a hate magazine like arian nation unlimited or what. well the show was great and genesis as bold as ever. so i go out to my car and look up 'Stephen lemons' on my phone expecting the worse and its the Bird article guy from the new times paper. OK, now I'm tripping. I read everything possible about Michele and Stephen and see its got nothing to do with me and I just want to know why Michele couldn't believe me when i told her I'm not Stephen and does she always act so crass to strangers, I thought she was suppose to act like a lady. RIGHT!

Now she didn't know when I lived in Seattle back when i was 16 I stood up for a gay club that the city was shutting down, or at 20 when I volunteered for the Northwest aids foundation and help set up free condom distribution around some of the downtown rock clubs that I couldn't even go in and hang out at night, or that I helped take care of a elderly Greek gentleman who contracted AIDS thru a bad Blood transfusion in th 80's because he was a hemophiliac. or even that I've helped and known the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Seattle chapter for years AND I FLY THE STRAIGHT FREAK FLAG. I have my own Body modifications and don't flaunt it to the world because I have some restraint and can't stand when people drink to much and act like jerks only to get up on a soap box the next morning to say I wanna use the little girls room, OVER THERE! Give me a break. I always try to fight the good fight and to give back to my community. I have known many transgendered persons in my life but never as threatening and ignorant of others around her as you Michele and your bully tyranny girls.

Really now all Genesis of PVT was saying was about loving and understanding each other and I wanted to feel part of that too but afraid of the unknown consequences by getting in the crowd and/or to close to the stage because of your threatening actions.

if you really do work at the Scottsdale human relations commission Michele DE Lafreniere, your superiors need to know how threatening to perfect strangers you are and what an asshole you are after work. People can defend you all they want but when it really comes down to it Michele your not very nice and SHAME SHAME SHAME on you for all your misdeeds. may all of Maricopa county wag their fingers at you and laugh at you for wasting their time and newspaper print with your trivial Bullshit. you don't deserve the position you were given in confidence by the good people of Scottsdale. you have disgraced your seat and all I want from you is you to step down from your position and leave the people out of your trivial pursuits concerning bathroom rights and Whaaaa look at poor me I'm Having Gender Operations. Be proud of who you are but leave the rest of us out of it. Get over yourself and Get a Life. I did nothing to you and you terrorized my night for nothing. Thanks

and an apology would be nice thank you

sincerely Michael H.

my full name has been withheld to protect myself

PS: Michael asked that his e-mail be taken off the letter as he'd like to say sayonara to this b.s., so I complied with his request.

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