Mitt Romney: Is He a Unicorn? More Than 17,000 People Want Ken Bennett to Find Out

Is GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney a businessman? Or is he really a unicorn?

At the time of this post, more than 17,000 people would like Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett to find out.

In response to the 1,200 "birthers" who asked Bennett to verify with the state of Hawaii -- yet again -- that President Obama has a birth certificate there, the left-wingers would also like Bennett to check out their conspiracy theory.

"I understand you are considering kicking President Obama off the ballot because some people continue to raise questions about his birth," the petition to Bennett says. "Well, I believe it cannot be proven conclusively that Mitt Romney is *not* a unicorn. A unicorn would not be qualified to be president. Thus, I hope you will apply the same standard to Romney, and investigate the unicorn question."

Indeed, Romney has never denied being a unicorn, and the left-wingers say it's possible Romney's hair could be covering up a unicorn horn.

The evidence -- just like in Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "investigation" into President Obama's birth certificate -- doesn't exist.

According to 3TV, Bennett said he would check out Romney's Michigan birth certificate if people asked, but called the unicorn inquiry "ridiculous."

Bennett, the Arizona co-chair for Romney's campaign, apparently hasn't been following the ridiculous efforts by Arpaio's "Cold Case Posse" to prove Obama wasn't born in Hawaii.

After receiving word from Hawaii yesterday that Obama's birth certificate checks out, Bennett told the Arizona Republic the situation is resolved, and Obama will be on Arizona's ballots come November, but that's not stopping the people from asking him to verify Romney's documentation.

As one of the petition-signers pointed out, the framers likely did not intend for unicorns to be qualified as natural-born citizens, so the lefties just want Bennett to check it all out.

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