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Mitt Romney Now Jeff Flake-Approved

Congressman Jeff Flake has picked his horse in the GOP presidential primary -- and it's not Michele Bachman.

Former Massachusettes Governor Mitt Romney announced today that Flake -- who is running for the Senate seat getting vacated by Senator Jon Kyl -- has endorsed his candidacy.

"This election will be an important moment in our nation's history," Flake says in a statement. "The next president will be charged with reversing the failed policies of the last three years and making sure the future is as bright for our children as it was for the generations before them. Mitt Romney has the experience and vision to get our country on the right path again. Whether it was his time as governor or as a successful businessman, Mitt Romney has shown that he has the economic knowledge to create the environment for businesses to start hiring again."

Romney is currently duking it out with Texas Governor Rick Perry and a slue of other GOP presidential hopefuls, including Minnesota Congresswoman Bachmann, who was in Phoenix last week to pucker up to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe  Arpaio's derriere.

Like Bachmann, Romney, who also was in the Valley last week, considers Arizona to be an important state to carry if he wants to win the primary.

Romney's already set up  set up a campaign committee consisting of the who's who of Arizona state politicos.

A few of the more recognizable names co-chairing Romney's Arizona campaign committee are Attorney General Tom Horne, Secretary of State Ken Bennett, and Arizona House Speaker Andy Tobin.

Other local politicians who've thrown their support behind Romney include Senators Rich Crandall, Michele Reagan, and Adam Driggs.

Missing from the list is Senator Russell Pearce -- likely because he's political poison on the national stage and even if he did endorse Romney, the candidate's not dumb enough to brag about it. It's either that of Pearce is waiting to endorse someone a bit more insane radical when comes to illegal immigration (Bachmann perhaps?).

Click here to see all of Romney's Arizona endorsements.

"Arizona is an important state in my campaign and I am thrilled to receive the support of so many outstanding leaders from this great state," Romney says. "We will work together to spread the message of economic growth, job creation, and fiscal responsibility."

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