MLB All-Star Game -- Jose Bautista: Thank You For Not Being Pete Rose

Big ups to Toronto Blue Jays right fielder Jose Bautista -- for showing a little class in a game that means almost nothing.

Lest we forget, that's more than we can say about baseball's No. 1 reject, Pete Rose.

In the top of the fourth inning during tonight's Midsummer Classic at Chase Field in downtown Phoenix, Bautista found himself at third base with two outs.

A single up the center, and Bautista was off for home. Rather than bowl over Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann to score a meaningless run, Bautista went in feet first -- sparing McCann a potentially career-ending injury.

Ray Fosse wasn't as lucky.

Fosse was on the 1970 American League All-Star team as a catcher representing the Cleveland Indians. On the National League team was admitted baseball gambler/convicted felon Pete Rose.

In a game-winning situation in a game that meant literally nothing, Rose crushed Fosse at home plate, basically ending his career.

Fosse, once one of the best catchers in baseball, never recovered. He played several more seasons, but spent much of his time on the disabled list following his collision with "Charlie Hustle."

Rose, ironically, was sent to prison in Marion, Illinois, for tax evasion -- Fosse's home town.

Fosse was a potential Hall of Famer. Rose's only role in Cooperstown these days is selling autographs far away from the town's main drag.

Oh, the All-Star Game means something now. It's winner gets home-field advantage in the World Series. Dare to dream that our currently second-place-in-the-West Arizona Diamondbacks will be there.

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