Mohave County Sheriff's Office to Investigate Cat Buried Up to Its Head in Concrete on Ex-FLDS Member's Property

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The Mohave County Sheriff's Office will be investigating the cat buried alive in concrete in Colorado City, spokeswoman Trish Carter tells New Times.

The cat was found buried up to its head in set concrete, inside a metal pipe on the property of former Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints member Isaac Wyler.

Andrew Chatwin, a fellow ex-church member who's been at odds with the town -- an FLDS-haven along the Arizona/Utah border -- captured video of the cat cemented inside the pipe, as well as his attempted rescue of the cat.

This video was shot on May 31, weeks before the town was sued by the Justice Department for its police force's alleged discrimination against non-FLDS members, and before the Mohave County Sheriff's Office started patrolling the town.

As you can imagine, Chatwin thinks FLDS members are responsible for putting the cat on the property of fellow ex-FLDS member Isaac Wyler.

Chatwin says people he believes to be FLDS members have been using dead cats to mess with him for quite some time, since he's no longer a member of the church.

The Justice Department also thinks FLDS and the police force -- known as the "Marshal's Office" -- has done some creepy things to animals over the years.

Among the many, many instances of strange behavior in the community are a few tales of animal abuse, including in 2001, when convicted child rapist/former FLDS leader Warren Jeffs banned dogs from Colorado City and the neighboring town of Hildale, Utah.

Jeffs' dog ban included and order for the marshals to go door-to-door asking residents to turn over their dogs. The marshals proceeded to bring the dogs to a "slaughter pit" near the towns, shooting and killing every single one, according to the lawsuit.

"Two of the Marshal's Deputies involved in this incident remain employed by the Marshal's Office," the lawsuit states.

As for the Sheriff's Office, Carter says deputies haven't made any arrests in the town since they started patrolling a week ago.

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