Mom Alison Stewart Ditches Kid at Park and Passes Out With Meth Pipe in Car

The Chandler PD arrested Alison Stewart for suspected DUI after she ditched her kid at a park and passed out in her car next to her meth pipe, according to police.

Stewart's 4-year-old daughter was playing with another kid at Desert Breeze Park on Monday, when she asked another parent -- whom she had just met that day -- if he would look after her kid while she checked on her other daughter. She said she would be gone no more than 10 minutes, according to a police report, but after 45 minutes, the other parent got worried and called police. 

The other father took Stewart's daughter to the parking lot, where they found Stewart passed out in her gray SUV with the seat reclined. He roused Stewart, who started slurring and seemed intoxicated. 

Stewart, 36, placed her kid in the back seat, saying she was fine and drove in and out of and around the parking lot. When the cops came, officers said they stopped the mother and she fumbled around for her ID but couldn't find it. Officers noted that she was so wasted they could barely understand her. 

Stewart didn't smell like alcohol, but the Chandler PD performed the "follow my pen with your eyes" test and also asked her to walk a line, heel to toe. After she passed a Breathalyzer test, she admitted she was on Xanax. 

The PD arrested Stewart and checked her purse for her ID, and that's when they found a glass meth pipe, according to the report. The officer also found two prescription bottles, one prescribed to her, the other to someone else. 

Chandler PD charged Stewart with DUI, felony aggravated DUI for a passenger under 15, drug paraphernalia, child abuse, and endangering the health of a minor. 

The police report does not say what happened with Stewart's daughter. 

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Weston Phippen
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