Mom Who Hit Daughter With Car Not Charged -- Yet. Teen Victim Bit of a Handful, Mom Says

The Glendale mom who police say intentionally hit her daughter with a car had the recommended aggravated-assault charge against her thrown out by a Maricopa County Superior Court commissioner -- but not because there's no case.

Rather, there was an error in how the woman was charged.

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The commissioner found no probable cause to charge 37-year-old Sylvia Aranda with aggravated assault by an adult upon a minor, because the daughter she hit is 17. For the "by an adult upon a minor" section of the charge to be supported, the victim must be under 15.

However, the commissioner told Aranda at her initial court appearance that the County Attorney's Office will review the case and determine an appropriate charge.

Aranda's daughter is a bit of a handful, according to her mother.

During her initial appearance, Aranda was adamant about telling the commissioner how much trouble the 17-year-old girl could be.

She told the commissioner that her daughter is on probation and has a "long history of bipolar [disorder] and cutting herself."

Aranda says she was in a Surprise courtroom meeting with the girl's probation officer less than an hour before the girl started the argument that ended when Aranda hit her with her car..

The girl, thankfully, was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

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