Monkey Knife Fight, Part Deux: Is it over for the Little Prince?

Chris Simcox is not in this way-awesome band, but he is in a monkey knife fight...

Well, either Chris Simcox was bullshitting me last night by telling me only three MCDC minutemen had been kicked out of his org. ( see my earlier post, "Monkey Knife Fight at the MCDC: Chris Simcox puts the smack down... "), or he's purged more people since then from the pay-triot ranks. Hmmm, whaddya wanna bet it was the former? Bullshit a bullshitter? How dare he!

I did think it was kinda weird he seemed to keep bumbling his numbers as I tried to pin him down on how many of his fellow doofi he'd given the boot to over at the nation's premier minuteman (read, "weekend warrior") outfit. But now here comes an announcement via the MCDC forum titled "Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Replaces Volunteer Administrators," and it's a doozy. Check this out: Regrettably, in the last several days, after reports to national headquarters from state and chapter directors around the country it became clear that a very small group of volunteer administrators within the organization had become ambitious of power, ineffective and distracted from our primary mission, and were in fact determined to attempt to defame and oust the MCDC Board of Directors and Al Garza, MCDC Executive Director. Local leader reports, intercepted emails and phone calls revealed plans to attempt to install their own Board and to take over the organization that Chris and Carmen founded and have dedicated themselves to building.

Five principal “organizers” created an unauthorized “State Directors and National Leadership Ad Hoc Committee” and calling a “State Directors Meeting,” they violated the official corporate By-Laws of MCDC, Inc. regarding legal authority for conducting business and affairs for the corporation. Further, such activity is a violation of the spirit and the letter of the MCDC Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

These and subsequent actions resulted in the termination or resignation of ten members of MCDC, five of whom served as national administrator volunteers. None were part of the national Board or executive leadership of MCDC.

We realize that some volunteers may have been misled by the intent of the “Ad Hoc Committee” and they may be offered by the Board a later opportunity to return in good standing as MCDC volunteers.

So last night it was just three or four, and now it's more like 10? Jeez, Chris, you're worse than Pravda. The disparity between what Simcox told me last night and what MCDC has announced this morning, lends even more credence to the Southern Poverty Law Center's assertion that this is a major "implosion," and perhaps even fatal to Simcox's leadership of MCDC.

Oh, the drama! Will Simcox survive the coup? Will the MCDC end up being Simcox and Al Garza playing Tiddlywinks on the border? Is there anyone out there still dumb enough to give their hard-earned scrilla to these backward, backbiting wackos? And will flag-burner Laine Lawless finally get the revenge she's been praying to Diana for? Stay tuned for more as the crisis at the MCDC develops in "As the Wing-nuts Turn..."

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