More Arizonans Living in High-Poverty Neighborhoods

An increasing number of Arizonans are living in high-poverty neighborhoods, according to a new Census Bureau report.

About one-quarter of Americans live in what the Census Bureau calls "poverty areas," and in Arizona, more than one-third of people live in such areas.

A "poverty area" is where 20 percent or more of the population is living in poverty.

When the Census Bureau tracked this information a decade ago, it found that Arizona then had about a quarter of its residents living in such areas, still ahead of the national average, which was then 18 percent.

Even with now up to one-third of Arizonans living in this poverty areas, Arizona still didn't have the largest chunk of its population moving into poverty:

A more striking look at Arizona is when you take into account the change among the counties. It had been that the more rural counties had the most people living in these areas. Now, living in an impoverished neighborhood is for everyone:

The concentration of impoverished people living in these areas has also gone up over the last decade, in Arizona, and on the national average.

"Problems associated with living in poverty areas, such as, higher crime rates, poor housing conditions, and fewer job opportunities are exacerbated when poor families live clustered in high-poverty neighborhoods," the Census report says. "In recognition of these burdens, some government programs target resources to these high-poverty neighborhoods."

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