More Capable Lawman: Joe Arpaio or This 100-Year-Old Posse Member?

Above is a photo of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and a 100-year-old member of Arpaio's volunteer "posse."

According to a community newspaper, the man, Neal Coffman, "still performs radar duty, checking on vehicles, and reporting speeders to the Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies, who have the authority to issue tickets and warnings. He also chairs the board that selects and evaluates candidates for duty officer -- a role in which a Posse member acts as the supervisor for a particular shift."

We can't remember any instances of Arpaio, 81, doing any actual law enforcement -- just media stunts.

He did, however, trip, fall, and break his arm while attempting to walk to lunch one time.

Based on what you know about the two, who do you think is the more capable lawman?

Cast your vote below:

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