More dope PHX graff...

In my ongoing attempt to spotlight what noteworthy PHX graff I can find out on those much-buffed streets, here are a few snaps I shot this Sunday while driving around. One is definitely from the SOS crew, the others I have no idea about, so feel free to school me on these. The two weird alien creatures seem like wheat-pasted cut-outs, and I hope I see more of them 'round town. They're crescent fresh, if y'all remember Sifl and Olly. Or as one my other personalities might chime, "That's donuts, bra." Anyway, let me know where the dope shit is people, and I'll do my best to document.

Another one from SOS crew. BTW, what looks like a shadow there is some palm tree pattern repeated on the building.

On an abandoned building in North PHX. Does that say SM or 5M? Sweet colors.

Spotted downtown. Who does this freaky shit? Awesome.

Funny, oddball and creepy-cuddly, all at the same time. Also downtown.

PS: Check the previous post on this same subject here.

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