More Humiliating Act of Media Sluttiness: Joe Arpaio's "Elite Posse" Looking Into Obama's "Fake Birth Certificate," or Steven General?

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office confirmed to New Times yesterday that he's assigned an "elite posse" to look into President Barack Obama's "fake birth certificate" before allowing his name on the presidential ballot in Arizona next year.'re not reading The Onion -- Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has assembled an "elite posse" to investigate Barack Obama's continuously debunked alleged "fake birth certificate."

Read all about it here.

We've also heard a few unconfirmed rumors that Steven Seagal might be coming back to town for a cameo appearance with the MCSO.

In case you forgot, the last time Seagal was in town, Arpaio staged a jail shakedown, rolled out a tank to arrest a cock-fighter, and allegedly killed a puppy -- all in the name of reality TV.

The sheriff's never-ending antics recently helped earn Arizona the title of the "meth lab of democracy," and the hit-hungry blogsters at Gawker recently named the Grand Canyon State the worst state in the entire country. Gawker cited Maricopa County's "insane lunatic cowboy wannabe" sheriff as part of the reason for Arizona's being the worst of the worst.

The humiliation Arizona suffers at the hands of Joe Arpaio never seems to end. But we want to know which of the latest acts of media sluttiness is most humiliating?

Cast your vote below.

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