More John Huppenthal Comments Surface, Including His Proposed Ban on Spanish

More anonymous Internet comments made by state schools superintendent John Huppenthal have surfaced, and they aren't pretty.

Not that the previous comments were pretty, which included an explanation of how Franklin D. Roosevelt was responsible for the Great Depression and the rise of Hitler, and how food stamps recipients are "lazy pigs," among other things.

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This time, local conservative blogger Greg Patterson, who writes Espresso Pundit, was nice enough to compile a list of comments made on his website by "Falcon9," one of several handles Huppenthal admitted to using.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • "We all need to stomp out balkanization. No spanish radio stations, no spanish billboards, no spanish tv stations, no spanish newspapers. This is America, speak English."

  • The Bill of Rights has a relevant section about this type of ban.

  • "I don't mind them selling Mexican food as long as the menus are mostly in English. And, I'm not being humorous or racist. A lot is at stake here."

  • "Yes, one bean-and-cheese roll-up please. Thanks Juan. Er, John."

  • "Jared Loughner's act was logical once you understand what he was thinking. He just wasnt' very good at articulating his thoughts but those thoughts and the intensity of which he partook of them gave him an incredible sense of superiority over us mere mortals. A nihilist, Loughner feels that we are all so many inconsequential flecks of dust and that his act had no meaning at all. Not much discussion of holding these philosophies accountable for this debacle. "

  • What.

  • "Well of course scientists are democrats. They are all on the public dole and have been all of their lives."

Some of these comments are ten times worse in the context that Huppenthal is supposed to be overseeing the education of children. Other comments include him fawning over Russell Pearce, and talking up what a great job he's done (referring to himself in the third person) as the state's schools chief.

Make sure you check out Stephen Lemons' list of the worst comments Huppenthal copped to making on another blog.

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