More MCSO docs released in the Honduran scandal...

Like a slow drip-drip-drip, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office continues to release requested documents in the Honduran scandal, and I'll share them with you whenever I can. Yesterday, MCSO flack Paul Chagolla let go of some correspondence between Sheriff Joe and some Honduran muck-a-mucks, a couple of honorary sheepskins, and a "strategic plan" for the Honduran caper revealing how extensive the program was -- and still is, as far as we know.

In fact, the strategic plan outlines the revamping of all six bureaus of the Honduran National Police, including Patrol, Traffic, Investigations, Training, Border Patrol, and Prisons. It's creepy to think of the MCSO training Honduran cops on how to treat inmates in their prisons, given the MCSO's record of sadism.

Joe's letters to the Governor of the Bay Islands, the Honduran Secretary of Security, and the Sub Commissioner of the Honduran Police, were obviously written for him. Most of it is just him bloviating about "an exchange of ideas," between the two countries, the development of a "working relationship," as well as the Sheriff's Office providing "training and facilitation" for the Hondurans. Joe invites four of the Hondurans up here, all expenses paid by RICO funds. What the Hondurans are getting out of this special relationship is clear. The reward the Sheriff and his underlings are reaping is not.

Of the honorary sheepskins, the Diploma of Recognition presented to "Sub-Jefe del Sheriffits David Hendersshott [sic]" is the most amusing. Maybe Chief Deputy Hendershott is looking to set himself up as a "jefe" in Honduras after the election. That's the missing key to all this -- the motives of MCSO chiefs like Hendershott. What may be needed is a federal probe by the Department of Justice before anyone gets to the bottom of it all.

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