More Than 30 "Desert Diva" Clients Reportedly Used Biltmore Hotel; A Days Inn Probably Would Have Done the Trick

One look at the majority of far-from-glamorous hookers nabbed in the Phoenix Police Department's "Desert Diva" roundup and you'd think they did the dirty in the back of a beat-up car, or behind a dumpster at a dog track, not at one of the area's premier resorts.

You would be wrong, according to the whores and pimps who compiled the DD john list.

At least 30 of the addresses found on the prostitution ring's client roster suggest rendezvous occurred at the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa.

Attention gentlemen: A hooker will have sex with you just about anywhere. You don't need to impress her by spending a bundle for a room.

And if you were acquiring a room at the exclusive Biltmore, wouldn't it be funny to claim to DD that your name's the same as the resort's general manager -- resulting in that name winding up on the infamous Desert Diva list?

Indeed, Desert Diva client No.107 is listed as Andrew Stegen, the name of the Biltmore's GM. Remember, the list was acquired by the cops from the records of prostitutes and their handlers -- maybe not the most reliable sources.

Nevertheless, we phoned Biltmore PR to check out this possible coincidence, and nobody would say whether the Stegen on the list wasn't or was the Stegen in the GM's office. Stegen himself was "not in the office today," according to his receptionist.

After getting referred from Stegen's office to area Biltmore PR to company headquarters, we got this from David Trumble, director of corporate communications for parent company Hilton Worldwide: "As a matter of company policy, we do not comment on personnel matters."

Right, Mr. Trumble. Sorry to have bothered you. 

Desert Divas, according to the cops, had this to say about the Andrew Stegen on the list:

He's a repeat "non-VIP" costumer who paid $400 to "spend time" with a woman named "Megan" in August, 2005. And that this Stegen also spent $2,350 for the services of a Miss "Mckenzie" in March, 2006.

We've gotta believe that Miss Mckenzie was the bomb at that price!  

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