More Than 50 Cited at a Tempe Bar for Underage Drinking

So 52 underage people walk into a bar...and they all got arrested.

The Tempe Police Department, in response to a complaint from the Department of Liquor Licensing and Control, made 52 arrests at a single bar Saturday night.

That many minors in one place would even put Michael Jackson's Neverland to shame (too soon?).

Hail Mary's, at 1402 S. Priest Drive in Tempe, played host for the melee of muddled minors, and is probably in trouble itself.

"We received some information about a party going on at the bar, and we headed over," says Sergeant Wes Kuhl of the DLLC. "We routinely patrol Tempe bars, but 52 underage people is definitely a lot."

Kuhl jokes that the only person of age was probably the owner.

Kuhl says the investigation into administrative violations made by Hail Mary's is ongoing, but could result in fines, and possibly a revoked liquor license.

Hail Mary's refused to comment today.    

Since ASU has been back in session, Tempe Police say they have been vigilantly fighting underage drinkers, and the enablers feeding them booze.

Let's just call it "Operation Buzz Kill."


Since August 20, the party police say they have made more than 150 arrests for underage drinking.

If 52 of the arrests came as a result of Saturday's bust, and 90 were made at a party at the Vue apartment complex, that's only eight additional.

Back to work fellas, two jackpot busts isn't going to rid the streets of these, um, hooligans! 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.