More Than 90 Party Related Arrests in Three Days; Can ASU Reclaim "Party School" Status?

As ASU's status as a "party school" has declined in recent years, we should have known that you can't keep a good dog down.

Tempe police say that on Thursday and Saturday of last week, they made more than 90 party-related arrests at The Vue, a swanky student apartment complex located directly across from the university's Tempe campus.

Tempe Police Spokesman Steve Carbajal says that the majority of the arrests were for underage drinking.

Some of these kids can just flat-out party.

Carbajal says that the arrests came while police were responding to complaints about loud parties.

Damn those pesky neighbors, and their desire to go to sleep before 4 a.m.!

"We are partnering with ASU on this," Carbajal tells the Arizona Republic. "Our hope is that we can get our message out to the public . . . that criminal behavior will not be tolerated at this complex or any other complex in the City of Tempe. We will be also be conducting proactive patrols and enforcement in the area of the complex over the holiday weekend."

Stay strong, Sun Devils. With a little civil disobedience, some piss poor GPAs, and a whole lot of tequila, you guys will be back on top in no time.

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