More Than Half of Arizonans Want to Legalize Marijuana, Latest Poll Says

A little more than half of Arizonans are in favor of legalizing marijuana, according to the latest poll on the subject.

The Behavior Research Center's Rocky Mountain Poll asked more than 700 Arizona residents whether they believe the sale of marijuana should be made legal. Fifty-one percent were in favor, and 41 percent were opposed.

The result is pretty similar to a national survey asking the same question. CNN/ORC released a national poll last month revealing 54 percent of Americans believe marijuana should be legal to sell, and 45 percent were opposed.

"Arizona appears a little less enthusiastic about legalizing the sale of marijuana (compared to national polls), yet a majority here are already in favor," the BRC poll reads.

The BRC poll found that those under age 55 were more likely to be supportive of legalization, as were Independents, Democrats, and men. Caucasians were slightly more likely to be in favor than Hispanics, but both were much more supportive than other ethnic minorities.

BRC polls generally have found that more Arizonans than not are in favor of legalizing marijuana, although there are slight difference in the numbers. A poll last May showed 56 percent of Arizonans favored "legalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use," while 37 percent were opposed, which is a slightly wider margin than those questioned on legalizing sales.

The most recent Arizona poll on marijuana legalization before this one also found people to be split on the issue: 51 percent of their poll respondents opposed legalizing marijuana, with 43 percent in favor of it.

Either way, those in favor of marijuana legalization have grown substantially in the past several decades. According to the BRC, a Harris poll in 1974 showed that 23 percent of Americans favored marijuana legalization, but 70 percent were opposed.

The full results are available here.

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