Morning Poll: Are Jan Brewer's "Day of Prayer" Proclamations Unconstitutional?

Arizona's economy is in the tank, the state has a pesky $1.15 billion budget shortfall to deal with, but fear not, Arizonans, Governor Jan Brewer's got a plan: prayer.

In January, the governor proclaimed a "Day of Prayer for Arizona's Economy and State Budget," which happens to be Jan's best idea to date when it comes to bridging the state's budget gap. Unfortunately, it does literally nothing to fix the problem -- but it does piss off the anti-religious crowd, which rather than just ignoring the governor's religious BS, files lawsuits.

See New Times' story on the matter here.

Members from the Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a lawsuit this week asking a federal judge to issue an injunction against future proclamations and declare that Jan's previous days of prayer were unconstitutional.

We want to know what you think: Jan's calls to prayer are obnoxious, they provide no earthly solution to the problem, but are they unconstitutional?

Cast your vote below.

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