Morning Poll: Are Lax Gun Laws to Blame for Yuma Shooting?

Arizona is notorious for its lax gun laws, and every time there's a shooting like the one that happened in Yuma yesterday, the debate begins: could stricter gun legislation have prevented the tragedy?

The investigation by the Yuma Police Department is ongoing, so it's unclear how 73-year-old Carey Hal Dyess obtained the gun used in the shootings, or what type of gun it was, but six people are dead because he had access to one.

However, you can't legislate rage, and it seems Dyess would have carried out his murderous plot -- apparently brought on by an ugly divorce -- regardless of whether he had a gun.

See our story on the shooting here.

We want to know what you think -- and get the gun debate rollin': could tougher gun legislation in Arizona have prevented yesterday's shootings?

Cast your vote below.

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