Morning Poll: Are You Buyin' Arizona Capitol Times Congressional Poll?

The results of a poll published by the Arizona Capitol Times  are making the media rounds this week.

The poll focuses on the Distric 3 Congressional primary and shows a dramatic shift in numbers from a poll taken a little over month ago.

According to Yellow Sheet, the Cap Times exclusive pay-site, recent polling data shows that 33-year-old candidate Ben Quayle's support has been nearly cut in half in the past six weeks, going from 24 percent to 13 percent. Meanwhile businessman Steve Moak now leads the race with 17 percent of the vote -- a 12-point jump from a similar poll conducted in June.

As a result of the Cap Times' poll, several media outlets here in Sand Land have dubbed Moak the new frontrunner in the race.

Minor problem: the poll is basically useless.

As disclosed by the Capitol Times, the poll is an internal poll -- conducted for one of the campaigns -- that happened to find its way to the hands of Cap Times reporter Jeremy Duda.

None of the other outlets reporting on the poll provided their audiences with the information that the poll was conducted by a candidate in the race and might have a little bias.

KTAR went so far as to attribute Quayle's decline in the poll to recent news that he contributed to the Scottsdale-based sleaze Web site, The Dirty. Only problem with that is the poll was conducted about a week before the "Dirty" news about Quayle was even
made public.

We think the poll is horse shit -- and are shocked, frankly, other news outlets would use it as the basis for a story without disclosing its origins. But we want to know what you think: Are you buyin' the Arizona Capitol Times' poll?

Vote -- and see the results of yesterday's poll -- below.

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- 23.5 percent say yes.

- 68.1 percent say no.

- 8.5 percent say if I have to hear the words "Arizona's controversial, new immigration law" one more time my head's gonna explode.

Here is your morning poll:

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