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Morning Poll: Are You Buyin' Senator Scott Bundgaard's Gun Story?

Embattled state Senate Majority Leader Scott Bundgaard had a interesting yarn for his GOP colleagues in the Senate on Tuesday: he now claims that in addition to giving him a black eye during last month's scuffle on the side of a highway, his now-ex-gal-pal Iron Aubry Ballard pulled out a gun, too.

Bundgaard's story bought him another week before Senate Republicans vote on whether to give him the boot as the Senate majority leader, but as we reported yesterday, many of the majority leader's GOP colleagues aren't buying his story.

Nowhere in the seven-page police report does it mention anything about a gun. Nor had Bundgaard made any public reference to a gun in the weeks that followed the incident -- until Tuesday.

Bundgaard claims he made no mention of the gun before Tuesday's closed-door GOP caucus meeting in an effort to protect his former flame, but Ballard's publicist says the senator's claims are ridiculous.

Ballard, through her publicist, high-priced city of Phoenix PIO David Leibowitz, says she'd touched the gun (which belongs to Bundgaard and was kept in his car) in the past, but not during the February incident. In other words, if fingerprints are taken from the gun -- as Bundgaard's colleagues have suggested to try prove his story -- Ballard's might show up.

We want to know what you think: are you buyin' Bundgaard's story?

Cast your vote below.

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