Morning Poll: Can Phoenix Coyotes Come Back From Two-Game Playoff Deficit Against Detroit Red Wings?

The Phoenix Coyotes now trail the Detroit Red Wings two games to none in the first round of the NHL playoffs after losing 4-3 Saturday, and we want to know if the Howlers can pull off a miracle.

The first two periods of Saturday's game weren't pretty for the Coyotes. The game seemed about as evenly matched as a Harlem Globetrotters exhibition against the Washington Generals, with Detroit pulling off circus play after circus play.

Going into the third period down 4-1, however, the Coyotes turned up the heat and managed to score twice to put the game within one.

Shockingly, the Coyotes scored all three goals on the powerplay -- something they were unable to do in game one of the series.

But it was not to be -- the Coyotes failed to tie the game and send it into overtime before the final buzzer blared, losing 4-3.

The Coyotes host the Red Wings tonight in Glendale, and we want to know what you think: can the Coyotes claw their way back and at least make the series competitive?

Cast your vote below.

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