Morning Poll: Can the Phoenix Suns Handle the Los Angeles Lakers After Sweeping San Antonio Spurs?

We know the Los Angeles Lakers won't officially be the Phoenix Suns opponent in the next round of the NBA playoffs until they beat the Utah Jazz one more time -- which will likely happen tonight -- but, if history tells us anything, the Suns playing against Kobe Bryant and friends seems to be a certainty this post-season.

The Lakers are up 3-0 on the Jazz, and never before in NBA history has a team come from  down three games to win a playoff series.

After finishing a sweep of the hated San Antonio Spurs last night, we want to know what you think: Can the Suns reach a similar outcome with the Lakers, despite being outsized?

Let us know what you think -- and see the results of Friday's poll -- after the jump.


Friday's poll question: Is Jan Brewer's move to ditch photo-radar an act of political oportunism?

-23 percent say yes.

-70 percent say no.

-7 percent say Brewer has no chance of winning the November election, so who cares.

Here is your morning poll:

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