Morning Poll: Can the Phoenix Suns Win in Los Angeles?

Game five of the NBA Western Conference Finals is tonight in Los Angeles and, for the Phoenix Suns, the game has been called the most important game since the Charles Barkley era.

The Suns and the Lakers are tied at two in the series, and for the Suns to move on to the NBA Finals, the team needs to win at least once in Los Angeles -- something they're yet to do this post season.

Both of the Suns' playoff wins against Kobe and the Lakers have been in home, thanks to a 42-point-night from Amare Stoudemire on Sunday and 54 points from the bench on Tuesday.

Can the Suns put on a similar show tonight in La-La Land?

Let us know what you think -- and see the results of yesterday's poll after the jump.

Yesterday's poll question: Are Border Patrol Busts Making it any Harder to Find Weed in Phoenix?

-5 percent say a lot harder.

-3 percent say harder.

-76 percent say it's the same.

-3 percent say easier.

-13 percent say much easier.



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