Morning Poll: Did "Nik Richie" Have Anything to Do With Ben Quayle's Victory?

As absurd as it may sound,  Hooman Karamian (a.k.a. "Nik Richie"), the founder of "The Dirty" is taking some of the credit for Congressional candidate Ben Quayle's victory in the District 3 Congressional primary.

In case you forgot, which we're sure you haven't, Richie's the guy who outed Quayle's ties to the early stages of the Web site, creating a media circus over the candidate's "moral compass."

"Who knows if he would have won the election without TheDirty.com," Richie told KPHO last week.

If anything, Quayle's ties to the Web site hurt him, and he's still forced to defend himself about the issue almost every time he steps in front of a microphone.

As we argued on Friday, Richie's claim that he had anything to do with Quayle's victory is
ridiculous and is likely just a ploy to boost hits on his Web site, but we want to know what you think: did Richie do anything to help Quayle's campaign or is his claim that he did just a stunt to boost Web hits?

Vote -- and see the results of friday's poll -- below.

Friday's poll question: Does Rodney Glassman Have Any Chance at Beating John McCain?

- 31 percent say yes.

- 69 percent say no.

Here is your morning poll:

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