Morning Poll: Does Terry Goddard Stand a Chance Against Jan Brewer in Gov's Race?

Attorney General Terry Goddard, the one-time front-runner in the Arizona governor's race, got some bad news yesterday: Governor Jan Brewer's poll numbers are lookin' pretty awesome.

A poll released yesterday shows that Brewer holds a 20-point lead over Goddard in a head-to-head showdown for governor.

Brewer's newfound popularity comes primarily from her signing SB 1070, Arizona's controversial, new immigration law.

Goddard, on the other hand, has been fairly quiet about the immigration issue, which, while running for office in today's AZ political climate -- where immigration is seemingly the only issue -- is not scoring him any points with anyone.

We want to know what you think: Can Goddard rebound? Is there anything he can do to combat Jan's popularity and her new role as the darling of the Republican Party?

Vote -- and see the results of yesterday's poll -- below.

Yesterday's poll question: Will Hayworth Suspend his Campaign Before the August Primary?

- 3 percent say yes.

- 20 percent say no.

- 77 percent say he's too arrogant to know it's over.

Here is your morning poll:


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