Morning Poll: Has Jan Brewer Let the Prison System "Fall Apart?"

For the second time in just over two weeks an Arizona prison inmate has escaped from custody.

Inmate Jefferey Douglas walked away from a prison work crew near Tucson yesterday afternoon and hasn't been seen since.

Meanwhile, federal authorities are combing the American northwest looking for Casslyn Welch and her fiancee/ cousin, John McCluskey, who escaped from the Kingman prison with two other inmates over two weeks ago.

Attorney General/ gubernatorial candidate Terry Goddard has been slamming Governor Jan Brewer lately for allowing the prisoners to escape under her watch.

Yesterday, Goddard released a statement saying Brewer has let the prison system "fall apart." He went on to say "we need to find real solutions to the broken prison system. Jan
Brewer, do your job. Secure the prisons."

We want to know what you think: has Brewer let the prison system "fall apart," or is Goddard using the escapes to capitalize politically?

Vote -- and see the results of yesterday's poll -- below.

Yesterday's poll question: Are You Buyin' the Arizona Capitol Times Poll?

- 7.7 percent say yes.

- 61.5 percent say no.

- 30.8 percent say "I don't believe any poll."

Here is your morning poll:

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